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Published: 05 May 2020

Eurofins County Pathology now set to deliver 5,000 COVID-19 antibody tests a day

Eurofins County Pathology, a high-quality diagnostic service provider, has been involved in the provision of the antibody testing kits for COVID-19 from the outset and has now expanded its laboratory space on Surrey Research Park to increase its provision of tests.

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To help meet the urgent need for increased testing, Eurofins County Pathology has benefited from being located on Surrey Research Park, with the team responding quickly to provide suitable extra laboratory space in Surrey Technology Centre.

Eurofins County Pathology is aiming to achieve 5000 samples of antibody testing a day, an outstanding output for a small team.

Eurofins County Pathology is part of Eurofins, a global leader in testing and laboratory services. And it has benefited from being able to mobilise scientific talent and resources from within the wider group to help the world fight COVID-19. Eurofins has been providing testing for detection of SARS-CoV-2 in Europe and America and is ramping up production to enable over 20 million patients tests per month by end of May 2020.

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