Published: 07 June 2021

Get support for your course enquiries

If you have any queries about your course, you can visit our academic hives in person, Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm. Find out what support you can access, where our hives are located and how you can contact us.

What help can I get?

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We can help you with a range of academic-related issues, including:

  • Assessments
  • Module selection and changes
  • Course transfers
  • Extenuating circumstances (exceptional factors outside your control which can adversely affect your performance during assessments)
  • Getting you in touch with course representatives and personal tutors
  • SurreyLearn (our virtual learning environment)
  • Placements
  • Progress reports
  • Temporary and permanent withdrawals from your course
  • Timetables.

    "Staff are very helpful and always go the extra mile to make new students comfortable. Whether you find it hard to navigate the online learning platform or are struggling with course-related matters, someone is there to help you."
    Giulia Crotti, MA Interpreting

    Where are the academic hives?

    There are five hives located across our Stag Hill campus, Manor Park campus and Surrey Research Park:

    1. Arts and social sciences
      Elizabeth Fry Building (01AD02), Stag Hill campus
    2. Biosciences and psychology
      Duke of Kent Building (11DK02), Stag Hill campus
    3. Engineering and physical sciences
      Thomas Telford Building, (08AA02), Stag Hill campus
    4. Health sciences
      Kate Granger Building (14HSM00), Surrey Research Park
    5. Veterinary medicine and science
      Vet School Main Building (07VSM01), Manor Park campus

    How can I contact my academic hive?

    You can visit your hive in person (see locations above) or you can get in touch by email or phone:

    Our advice: save these details in case you need them in the future!


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