Published: 02 June 2015

Huawei and 5GIC discuss vision for connected world

5GIC was delighted to welcome Madam Chen Lifang, Corporate Senior Vice President and Director of the Board of Huawei, to the Centre this week to explore future collaborative initiatives for 5G.

As a founding member of the 5G Innovation Centre, Huawei plays an instrumental role in the design and implementation of the 5GIC Testbed, which will provide an open and collaborative facility for future world-wide communications research and innovation.

Professor Michael Kearney, Acting Vice-Chancellor and Professor David Hendon, Chairman of the 5GIC Strategy Advisory Board provided an overview of 5GIC’s achievements to date, including the demonstration of the highest wireless speed yet and advances in energy harvesting. 

“Today has been a valuable opportunity to explore what the future impact of 5G will be with Huawei. We are delighted that Madam Chen and Huawei share our vision for a digitally connected world which will drive economic and societal growth in entirely new and positive ways,” commented Professor Hendon.

“Our partners are instrumental in the development of 5G initiatives that touch the most important aspect of our lives such as eHealth, internet-of-things and connected car technology. We look forward to seeing this vision come to life, with Huawei's help continuing to support the UK as a global leader at the cutting edge of mobile communications.”

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