Published: 11 March 2024

Inside NurSoc at Surrey

Joining a society is a fantastic way of making new friends, expanding your network and enriching your Surrey experience. We asked NurSoc president Immy to share her insider info on what the society gets up to and why it’s a great idea to join. 

Please tell us a bit about yourself. 

I’m in my second year studying Mental Health Nursing. I chose to study my course as my family has experienced mental health issues and I have seen how this has affected them.  

I joined the society in my first year to meet people and make new friends.  

What is the Nursing Society all about? 

The Nursing Society is all about making a community for nursing students as we run on a different timetable to the rest of the university. We want to make sure that students feel that there is somewhere to go when the rest of the university is closed and we are still studying.  

NurSoc are an important group within our student body in the School of Health Sciences. Along with the other course societies within the school they offer students the opportunity to socialise and share experiences with fellow students, beyond the classroom. We value their contribution to the life of the school. I'd encourage all students to join their course society. Dr Jennifer Oates, Senior Lecturer Mental Health Nursing (Lead for Wellbeing)

What does your role as president involve? What’s the best thing about it? 

My role as president involves leading the rest of the committee to organise social and educational events for our members.  

I am also in charge of liaising with the School of Health Sciences and the Students’ Union to ensure that NurSoc is helping students most beneficially.  

Why should students join NurSoc?  

We run fun social events and educational events (that students can claim clinical hours for). The society is run by student nurses so we understand how hard the course can get and are always up for talking about the course and sharing placement stories (upholding patient confidentially, of course). 

What’s the most interesting or exciting event that NurSoc has been involved in recently? 

We held a NurSoc ball last year, which was fantastic. We plan on making it an annual event.


Follow NurSoc on Instagram @uosnursingsoc to find out more!   

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