Published: 05 March 2024

Inside the Nutrition & Dietetics Society at Surrey

Joining a society is a fantastic way of making new friends, expanding your network and enriching your Surrey experience. We asked Ellie, president of the Nutrition and Dietetics Society, to share her insider info on what the society gets up to and why it’s a great idea to join.  

What is the Nutrition and Dietetics Society all about? 

The Nutrition and Dietetics Society is for students who are interested in nutrition, dietetics and most importantly food! We hold events including guest speakers, study groups and wellness sessions.  

Why did you want to set this society up? 

Due to the Dietetics Society and the Nutrition Society (NutriSoc) going dormant, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to combine them into the Nutrition and Dietetics Society. Also, our courses are quite small so I thought it would be great to interact and support other students. I would have loved to have met students from other years when I was in my first and second years and gained support from them, so now I am in my final year I wanted to provide that support to other students.  

Who is the society for? 

The society is predominantly for students studying nutrition and dietetics, however anyone is welcome, especially if you are interested in food and nutrition! 

Why should students join? 

It’s a great way to make new friends, share ideas with like-minded people and further your knowledge in nutrition and dietetics. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please do come along to one of our events to find out more.  

What’s the most interesting or exciting event that the society has been involved in recently?  

We have just had a Teams event with Sylvia Pyatt, a specialist eating disorder dietitian, which was really interesting! She told us about a typical day in her work life, resources for eating disorders and what it takes to become a good eating disorder dietitian. We are all excited to use what we have learnt in our future practice.  


Make sure to follow the Nutrition and Dietetics Society on Instagram at uos_dieteticssociety to stay up to date with information and events!  

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