Published: 03 April 2019

Networking meeting

Our research brings together a strong team with complementary skills and experiences. Core members of the team include Dr Gary Pritchard, Dr Rob Meadows, Dr Christine Hine, Dr Paul Stoneman and Professors Simon Williams and Jon Gabe.

The first network meeting was held at Surrey in January 2017. Delegates included Professor Derk-Jan Dijk, Professor Ryan Abbott, Professor Flis Henwood, Dr Katie Coveney, Dr Luci Wiggs, and Associate Professor Mary Ebeling. In this meeting, participants were divided into two groups and asked to consider and discuss from their own and their discipline’s perspective, this diagram. In particular, we asked if they thought there was anything missing in the diagram, what they would find the most interesting to study and potential omissions in the literature.

At the end of this, each table fed back their discussions to the wider group.  After deliberation, we have ordered topics discussed under the following heading: ‘Terminology and Conceptual Review’, ‘Understanding the User’, ‘Unintended Consequence’, ‘Claims and Understandings’ and ‘Business Models’

The second network meeting was held at Surrey in September 2017. Delegates included Professor Derk-Jan Dijk, Dr Alice Bennet, Dr Chris Till, Dr Benjamin Marent and Professor Sarah Nettleton.

An event was also held at the British Science Festival in Brighton/Sussex. Jeff Mann (Sleep Junkies) and Dr Gary Pritchard led a debate on the ethics of sleep monitoring; drawing in part on data collected via an online survey prior to the event. 

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