Published: 10 February 2020

Next Generation electronics

Next Generation Paper was presented at the Innovations in Large-Area Electronics Conference (InnoLAE 2020) on 22nd January in Cambridge.

Vikram Turkani presenting at InnoLAE Conference 2020
Vikram Turkani from NovaCentrix presenting on 'Next Generation Paper'

Invited speaker, Vikram Turkani, Applications Engineer from NovaCentrix, a company based in Austin, Texas delivered a presentation on ‘cost-effective printed electronics techniques advancing augmented book manufacturability’. NovaCentrix are working with the University of Surrey to develop the hardware-augmented Next Generation Paper prototype. In his presentation he described bringing the reader closer to digital content without compromising the reading experience, by using printed capacitive touch sensors on the margin of the book. This provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for readers to access multimedia content as they navigate through the pages.

George Bairaktaris, a postgraduate researcher in the faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, at the University of Surrey presented an interactive poster at the conference . Having created the custom printed circuit board and sensor layout design of the book, he said, “The interest shown in the Next Generation Paper technology shows how a multidisciplinary approach can lead to effective solutions for everyday challenges, utilising emerging technologies and user experience studies”.

The conference highlights the latest developments in large-area electronics, including advances in materials, devices, systems and processes. Read Vikram’s abstract:

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