Published: 05 March 2024

Six reasons to join a society

Life at university isn’t all about lectures and late-night study sessions – societies and social events are just as important as those exams and essays. For many students, clubs and societies are an integral part of student life and a huge contribution to the overall university experience. Here are some of the reasons why you should join a society while completing your degree. 

Meet and make friends 

One of the best ways to widen your social circle beyond your course and halls of residence is by joining a society. You’ll get to meet new people that you might not otherwise encounter, and bond over a shared interest. Whether you have a love of gardening, playing video games or watching Disney films, we have a society to suit everyone

Make a difference  

No matter what cause you’re passionate about, joining a group of likeminded people is a great way to make an impact at university or give back to the local community. Throughout the year, our Students’ Union also organise volunteering opportunities and host a number of events to raise money for charity, so there are plenty of ways you can get involved in your free time. 

Try new things 

Moving to university and away from home for the first time comes with lots of new-found freedom. It’s your chance to step outside your comfort zone, try new things and discover and define who you are. You could learn to bake to perfection with the Baking Society, practise your poker face at the Poker Society or satisfy your thrill-seeker tendencies with Surrey Snowsports

Stay active 

If you struggle to stay motivated when it comes to working out, signing up to a fitness-focused club could be the solution. You’re much more likely to commit to getting your sweat on and engaging with a sporting activity if you can socialise with your friends while keeping fit. You could also join our very own Surrey Sports Park with a discounted student membership. 

Represent the University 

Whether you want to wear blue and gold with pride, compete in BUCS competitions or challenge a rival university for varsity victory, joining Team Surrey is one of the easiest ways you can represent the University of Surrey. If you’re not the sporting type, there are still other ways to represent Surrey such as entering a debate or playing in a chess tournament. You’ve got to be in it to win it. 

Expand and enhance your skill set  

Becoming a committee member is a great way to expand and enhance your skillset and gain experience to increase your employability. A society president shows leadership, the treasurer must be able to plan and budget financially, the secretary should have strong administrative skills and the publicity officer will have experience in social media management and communications. 


Discover over 170 clubs and societies to choose from at Surrey. 

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