Published: 12 February 2021

Spotlight on Ben Webster

Ben Webster, a joint NPL and University of Surrey PhD researcher, has been looking into ways to purify radioactive isotopes so their potential can be realised in the treatment and imaging of cancer.

Ben Webster

His project has involved working alongside research scientists and institutions from across Europe as part of the CERN-MEDICIS Collaboration. The collaboration aims to make previously unresearched radioactive isotopes available to the research community in order to develop novel and efficient nuclear medicine.

Throughout his PhD, Ben has developed chemical separation methods that prepare these new isotopes for pre-clinical and clinical studies. In particular, he has developed extraction chromatography methods that are able to produce high purity isotopes and as a result of this work, he has facilitated a world-first primary standard of 155Tb, as well as further radiolabelling and imaging studies. This work has helped to highlight the suitability of these isotopes for use in nuclear medicine.

He has published some of his work in Nature Scientific Reports with some world-renowned scientists from NPL, CERN, KU Leuven and Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) and has had the opportunity to present his research at several international and national conferences.

"Conducting my PhD at NPL has given me great opportunities to conduct some exciting and impactful research alongside world experts in radiochemistry and the nuclear sciences. Being part of the PGI student cohort has enriched my PhD experience. It helped me to get to know other PhD students at NPL and has also given me ample opportunity to develop personally and professionally."

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