Published: 16 February 2017

Summary of Show and TEL event held on 31 January 2017

This Show and TEL event explored flipped learning and the advantages of using Panopto for lecture capture.

The January 2017 Show and TEL event featured three presentations. The three presentations are available to view below (Panopto login required).

Flipped Learning – Towards a Community of Learners

The first presentation was given by Dr. Katerina Ridge from Chemistry, who discussed her plans to implement collaborative teaching and peer discussion. She identified a problem whereby student learning was isolated, focused almost entirely on consolidating lecture material in an assessment-centric mindset. To address this, she has designed a flipped learning approach made possible through Panopto and the SurreyLearn forums. Students are briefed by Katerina via an online recording before being put into groups to discuss a series of open-ended questions. These discussions then inform the course of the next lecture. These “vibrant learning communities” aim to reinvigorate student interest in Chemistry, and to encourage the development of the “new cognitive elements” (Talanquer, 2014) needed to teach it effectively. 

Walking Through Panopto

Next, Ali Behnejad from Civil Engineering talked through his experiences of using Panopto. He presented numerous examples from his department; outlining some of the advantages, the versatility of lecture capture and how to maintain good practice. The whole process behind producing a recording was explained; including from pre to post. Some key features were also demonstrated, such as the ability for viewers to search within a recording and for staff to edit recordings and view analytics information. 

Panopto: Beyond Lecture Capture

Irina Niculescu from Technology Enhanced Learning (DTEL) then attempted to expand upon how educators see Panopto, suggesting some innovative ways of using the Panopto software beyond lecture capture. Some examples included the ability to give targeted feedback, using Panopto as a platform to submit student generated content and to inform flipped learning much like how Katerina demonstrated in the first presentation. Indeed, Katarina’s story was featured as one of two case studies that Irina talked about - the other being from educators who used it to brief on assignments in the FHMS “Concepts of Caring” module. Attendees were then asked to share their concerns around Panopto via PollEverywhere, the results of which also fed into a more general discussion.

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