Published: 15 October 2020

Surrey alumna wins 'Top 10 Translation Service Companies in Shanghai 2020'

Surrey alumna Celine Wang (MA Intercultural Communication with International Business, 2008) is celebrating after her business was named top translation service company in Shanghai.

Celine Wang and her award
Celine Wang

This month NS Translation Service (Shanghai) Center, a translation firm founded by Surrey alumna Celine Wang, (MA Intercultural Communication with International Business, 2008), entered a competition to find the ‘Top 10 translation service companies in Shanghai 2020’ held by the Chinese Federation of Private Enterprises and Chinese Association of Small and Medium Enterprises.    

Against stiff competition from 50 translation firms across the city, NS Trans was crowned the winner with 22,800 votes. Alumnus Wu Ning (MBA, 2003), President of the University of Surrey China Alumni Association (USCAA), appealed to Surrey alumni to vote for NS Trans and mobilized a huge response. Thanks to the great support of Surrey Alumni and the power of unity, NS Trans brought the trophy home! Celine Wang, founder of NS Trans said, “I sincerely appreciate the great support that Surrey alumni rendered. The trophy belongs to USCAA - it belongs to all Surrey alumni!”

As a graduate from the University of Surrey, Celine Wang reflected on the time when she was studying in the University. She said she was “enlightened by the concept of combining education with industrialization. The university really encourages students to apply what they’ve learnt to practice and to create more social value while establishing themselves”. In the process of studying Intercultural Communication with International Business, she was able to learn from different cultures around the world since her classmates came from a “global team”.

By learning intercultural theories in depth, she developed her understanding of the impact that language and culture have on social and economic activities and the importance of communication in cross-cultural activities, which later became the main direction of her business. “The original intention of establishing NS Trans was to provide enterprises, governments, institutions and individuals with language and cross-cultural communication solutions, to help them overcome language and culture barriers encountered during technical, commercial or social activities. And to help them “go global” she said.

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