Published: 29 March 2021

Surrey Business School’s Centre of Digital Economy (CoDE) launches new webinar series: Digital ecosystem management

Professor of Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Professor Wim Vanhaverbeke, has kicked off a series of webinars exploring how rapid advances in digital technologies are enabling transformational changes in virtually all industries including agriculture, healthcare, energy and mobility.

In contrast with the rapid technological advances, digital technologies tend to be slowly adopted in various industries as different players resist their adoption for very good reasons. In this webinar series, several speakers will explain how digital technologies have the potential to fundamentally transform their industry, which barriers are blocking a rapid transformation, and what kind of ecosystem management we need to foster the transformation.

In the first webinar, Wim was joined by Sergio Levi, Vice President and Head of Strategic Alliances at Philips, who discussed ‘How is digitalization reshaping collaborative innovation at Phillips?

He was also joined by David Zenner, Head of Consumer Relations at Elia, who talked about ‘The central role of the end consumer in the electricity system of tomorrow.’

The event was a huge success with 340 attendees from around the globe.

“The success of the first webinar shows that management of digital ecosystems is a timely topic. I’m happy I can share some of the insights I gained from my interviews last year with 70+ experts in digital healthcare, precision agriculture and energy. Stay tuned for 5 more webinars linking digital technologies, new business models and ecosystem development!”
Professor Wim Vanhaverbeke

To watch the recordings, please head over to our YouTube channel here:

Next webinar, 8 April

Join us for the next webinar on 8 April at 11am GMT.

The speakers are:
 Erik Ranschaert - Radiologist & Digital Doctor at ETZ Hospital, Tilburg, The Netherlands, who’ll discuss 'How disruptive is AI for radiologists and healthcare in general?'

Vincent Dupont - Founder & Managing Partner DHS, who’ll be talking about 'Exploring the untapped market of Health : the patient in the ecosystem.'

(Please note that spaces are limited so guests will be allowed in on a first come first served basis). 

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