Published: 09 June 2022

Surrey Law Art Competition

Last month we ran our first 'Surrey Law Art Competition' and we were astounded by all of the entries that we received. We are grateful to all who entered and agreed to let us keep their artwork to use in the Law School refurbishment. The level of talent within our student community is astonishing. 

A huge congratulations to our winners:

1st Susaan Thapa

= 2nd  Esther Olatunde and Antonieta Alvarez Angles

= 3rd  Giuseppe Di Donato

Our winners were kind enough to answer a few questions regarding the competition....

What’s the meaning behind your piece, and how does it represent the prompt ‘Law at Surrey’?

Susaan Thapa (ST): 
‘Themis with a thousand faces’ represents the growth of every student at Surrey Law. The thumbprints represent the community that empowers us. This space allows us to be unique, enriching our experience outside of our degree. Law at surrey lets you spread your invisible wings as you leave with a strong foundation in law, and the confidence and ability to dream and pursue any career path you aspire to. We learn to lead, inspire, and make a difference.

"Law at Surrey offers exceptional support to their students, making challenging times manageable"

Esther Olatunde (EO): 'Embracing Unique Ideas: Ideas Shape the Future' refers to how every one of our ideas that we implement in our essays will not only shape how we think and critique the law, but also eventually shape our futures. Every idea is different. Our arguments all differ and that's the cool thing about it. There's a lot we can do with a Law degree from Surrey, and it'll be interesting to see the ideas that take us there.

Antonieta Alvarez Angles (AAA): 'Thunder of Hope' represents my own academic anxiety in a time of uncertainty, but the School of Law was my own thunder of hope! Law at Surrey offers exceptional support to their students, making challenging times manageable. Law involves many challenges, but there are also rewarding opportunities that can be obtained with this degree.

Esther Olatunde's entry for Law Art Competition 2022

What made you want to enter the Surrey Law Art Competition?

Art is one of my hobbies. So I was delighted at the opportunity to combine my hobby with my studies.

EO: I wanted to enter the competition because outside of Law I enjoy and do quite a lot of creative things like poetry, blogging, photography, and visual arts. As soon as I saw the email I was excited to submit something that blended my interest in Law with my creative talents. In the end, I chose photography as a medium to represent what Law at Surrey meant to me. I took the picture of a fellow Surrey student, and more work can be viewed on my photography page: @yourmuse on Instagram.

AAA: To put it simply... I love a challenge. My art skills were never a strength, but that doesn't matter. What matters is taking part regardless of your limitations.

Entry to Law Art Competition 2022

Do you think displaying artwork made by our own students will boost a sense of community in the Law School?

ST: Yes. I believe this will encourage a sense of community as it makes the Law School seem more welcoming, allowing for more bonding to occur across the years and with the tutors. When you see work done by other students, you feel as if you are a part of a legacy. 

EO: 100%! It makes you feel a part of the Law School community – like  you can contribute, and it means something. Also, when you see the other pieces submitted, it feels more like a group effort at a task.

AAA: Yes, absolutely! The School of Law never fails to make everyone feel included and encourage you to succeed in every aspect. Displaying our artwork shows that we are not just Law students – there is so much more behind our degree.

One of the winning entries to the 2022 Law Art Competition

How does it feel to be a winner?

It feels good! I appreciate that this competition allowed me to be acknowledged for my skills outside of my degree.

EO: It felt amazing! That Amazon voucher came at the right time for study supplies!

AAA: Winning is rewarding, but it is important to look back and appreciate the people who support you throughout the journey.

Entry to Law Art Competition 2022

Do you think we should make the competition annual? And what advice would you give others thinking about entering?

Yes, the competition should be annual. It is very important that our creativity is nurtured. 

EO: 100%! Every semester would be even better! Two themes: 'What does the Law at Surrey mean to you?' and 'Design the next Surrey Law T-shirt'.

AAA: An annual art competition would be fantastic. I would recommend other students to unleash their creativity and give it a go.

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