Published: 14 July 2021

Surrey Speaks season 1 episode 6 - What is white-collar crime?

"What is white-collar crime?" The University's own Professor Alex Sarch takes the lead in unravelling the tales of some of the world's most infamous white-collar criminals and their audacious misdeeds. 

White-collar crime, often overshadowed by its more sensational and violent counterparts, is a crucial component of our societal landscape. It's a realm where sharp minds wield pens and keyboards as weapons, leaving a trail of financial destruction and shattered trust in their wake. In this episode, Professor Sarch deftly navigates through the complexities of these crimes, offering a comprehensive understanding of what sets white-collar criminals apart. 

The podcast's spotlight on notorious white-collar criminals serves as a stark reminder that these individuals can be just as impactful, if not more so, than traditional criminals. Their actions can lead to economic turmoil, corporate malfeasance, and, in some cases, immense personal suffering for countless individuals. 

In a world where corporate fraud, insider trading, and embezzlement cases continue to make headlines, it is imperative that we not only identify the perpetrators but also comprehend the underlying mechanisms that enable such actions. This podcast episode illuminates the dark corners of white-collar crime, making it a crucial resource for both students of law and the general public. 

In essence, this episode underscores the importance of knowledge and awareness when it comes to white-collar crime, making a strong case for a more informed and vigilant society. 

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