Published: 14 July 2021

Surrey Speaks season 1 episode 7 - Are astrophysicists interested in extra-terrestrial life?

In the spirit of World Space Week 2021, the podcast episode titled "Are astrophysicists interested in extra-terrestrial life?" shines a spotlight on the fascinating world of astrophysics, guided by the expertise of Dr Payel Das. This episode delivers a compelling exploration of cosmic mysteries, igniting curiosity and inspiring awe about the universe we inhabit. 

Astrophysics, often regarded as an esoteric realm, finds itself at the forefront of this enlightening discussion. Dr Das brilliantly elucidates the significance of astrophysics and its relevance to our everyday lives. She bridges the gap between the complexities of celestial mechanics and our terrestrial existence, emphasising that astrophysics isn't merely a discipline for academics but a field that pertains to all of humanity. 

The tantalising question of extra-terrestrial life takes centre stage, offering a glimpse into one of the most profound inquiries in science. Dr Das provides valuable insights into the possibilities and probabilities of life beyond our planet, reminding us of the humbling idea that we may not be alone in the cosmos. 

The episode also touches upon the age-old question of whether the universe has an edge, delving into the nature of space itself. Dr Das eloquently navigates these profound queries, making the complex concepts accessible and thought-provoking for both enthusiasts and novices in the realm of astrophysics. 

In celebrating World Space Week, this podcast episode encourages us all to look up at the night sky with a renewed sense of wonder and curiosity. It's a testament to the boundless human quest for knowledge and our insatiable curiosity about the universe that envelops us. Dr Das's insights remind us of the profound significance of astrophysics and the eternal pursuit of understanding the cosmos. 

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