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Published: 04 October 2019

University of Surrey’s veterinary degree receives RCVS approval

The University of Surrey is delighted to announce that its innovative Veterinary Medicine and Science degree has received official accreditation from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Council. 

From left to right: Dr Susan Paterson, Professor Chris Proudman and Dr Niall Connell

Accreditation enables veterinary students at Surrey to register with RCVS and practise in the United Kingdom. This honour is an acknowledgement of the success of the novel teaching model developed at the university which incorporates intra-mural rotations into its curriculum and enables final year students to undertake clinical training placements in the veterinary workplace.

News of accreditation tops of an already fantastic year for the School of Veterinary Science which has seen its first cohort of students’ graduate, with 90 percent securing employment after graduation and receiving 100 per cent satisfaction rate amongst veterinary students in the National Student Survey, the highest score of all veterinary schools in the United Kingdom.

Professor Chris Proudman, Head of School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Surrey, said: “I am delighted that our new degree programme in veterinary medicine and science has been approved by RCVS Council for recognition by Privy Council.

“This decision recognises the huge investment in veterinary education made by the university and the quality of the education that we offer. It is also validation of our innovative model of delivering clinical teaching through working in partnership with clinical practices and other organisations involved in animal health, which has proven very popular with our students.

“The commitment and enthusiasm of our partners has been truly inspiring and energising. I look forward to Surrey veterinary graduates making valuable contributions to the profession in a variety of ways over the coming years.”

Dr Susan Paterson, the Chair of the Education Committee at the RCVS, said: “We are very glad to have reached the stage where we can formally welcome the University of Surrey on board as the eighth UK veterinary school to offer an approved degree, and that we will, from now on and pending Privy Council’s approval, be able to welcome its graduates onto the Register as proud members of the RCVS.

“We appreciate the immense hard work of both the faculty and the student body over the past five years in working to meet the College’s stringent accreditation standards and the effort that they have made to address our feedback and advice in a constructive and engaged way.

“When I observed at the final accreditation visit earlier this year I, along with the other visitors, was particularly impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment of the staff, the network of partner veterinary practices and the student body to the school’s ethos and success. We also recognised that, with its unique ‘distributive model’ meaning that students can get direct clinical experience across 49 veterinary practice partners, the students have access to a large and diverse medical and surgical caseload.

“The final report contained a number of further recommendations and we look forward to continuing to work with the school over the next two years to help them meet our recommendations and suggestions.”


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