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Published: 07 February 2024

"We want to show that African children's stories and experiences matter" – say Lagos book festival organisers

Children and parents from across Africa are being encouraged to attend the Akada Children's Book Festival in Lagos, Nigeria, and enjoy books that show children just like them in starring roles.  

The festival, orchestrated by Olubunmi Aboderin, from the University of Surrey's Business School, will showcase books that ignite creativity, innovation, and imagination, expanding the horizons of young readers and taking them to places they may not have physically visited.  

The festival, which will take place in October, is not only a celebration of literature but also serves as a platform for parents to discover age-appropriate books for their children. It encourages bonding between parents and children, promoting communication and unity around a common interest. The event features author-led book readings, story time sessions, book chats, a book exhibition, professional workshops for children's book creators, mini workshops for children, and sessions for parents and teachers. 

Olubunmi Aboderin said: 

"The Akada Children's Book Festival is not just about books; it's about creating a cultural experience for children. It's about showing them that their stories matter and their imaginations are valued. 

"Children matter, and it's crucial to instil a culture of reading for pleasure. The festival is a celebration of books and authors, making literature attractive to children and creating an environment of excitement and anticipation." 

The annual event is committed to promoting the intellectual benefits of being around people who value books, learning, reading, and exchanging ideas.  

The festival is free to attend, increases awareness about community libraries, and supports the donation of books to low-income schools and reading clubs. 


For more information about the Akada Children's Book Festival, please visit 



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