Dr Adnan Mouhiddin FHEA

PhD Candidate
LL.B International Law (Hons); M.Sc. in Criminology, Criminal Justice and Social Research (Distinction)


In 2012, I completed my LLB International Law degree with an upper second class (Kingston University) and in 2017 I obtained an MSc in Criminology, Criminal Justice and Social Research with Distinction (University of Surrey). Prior to continuing my research on crime and community in Syria at doctoral level, I worked as a consultant researcher for ‘Transparency International Defence and Security’, whereby I assessed corruption in the defence and security sector in Egypt and Syria and developed and delivered training and teaching materials on security sector reform for Syrian civilians. Also, I worked on a range of legal proceedings involving fraud and corruption originating from the Middle East and North Africa, including the largest corporate fraud and default in the history of the Middle East (AHAB v Al-Sanea). Previously, I worked as a consultant for the European Centre for Law and Justice where I provided advisory opinion and research on matters related to international law, religious liberty and the human rights of the ethnical and religious minorities in the Middle East, North Africa and the Arab-Israeli Conflict. In 2016, I qualified as a Restorative Justice associate practitioner and I volunteered with Wandsworth (2016) and Camden (2017) Youth Offending Services in London. In my role as a Panel Member, I work with other Panel Members and the Youth Offending Service workers to devise individual and creative programmes of work to address young people’s offending behaviour and enable them to amend the harm they caused through subscribing to the principles of restorative justice. I also facilitate the progress meetings of young people to recognise their achievements and areas for further work. 
At the same time, I am a FASS (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) funded PhD candidate in the sociology department.

University roles and responsibilities

  • Ethics Committee Member

    My qualifications

    PhD in Criminology and Youth Crime
    Sep ’2017 – Present

    University of Surrey
    Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching
    Jan ‘2018 – July ‘2019
    University of Surrey
    M.Sc. in Criminology, Criminal Justice and Social Research
    Sep ’2016 – Sep ‘2017
    University of Surrey
    LL.B International Law (Hons)
    Sep ’2009 – Jun ‘2012
    Kingston University

    Affiliations and memberships

    Syria Legal Network
    Board Member
    Higher Education Academy
    The British Society of Criminology (BSC)
    Association of Panel Members (AOPM)


    Research interests




    Mouhiddin, A. (2019) Teens in Syria. In: K. Wells. (ed) Encyclopaedia on Teen Lives around the World. ABC-CLIO

    Mouhiddin, A. (2019) Syrian Youth, War and Community Approach to Stigma Surrounding Psychological Intervention.  In: M. Boskovic. (ed). Globalization and its Impact on Violence against Vulnerable Groups. IGI-Global, Pennsylvania, USA

    Gordon, F. and Mouhiddin, A. (In progress) Citizenship Education in the Conflict-Affected Societies of Northern Ireland and Syria: Learning Lessons from the Past to Inform the Future. In: Peterson A., Stahl G., Soong H. (eds) The Palgrave Handbook of Citizenship and Education. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham

    Additional publications