Ahmet Bilal Aytekin

Visiting PhD Researcher

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School of Law.


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Ahmet Bilal Aytekin (2023) Algorithmic Bias in the Context of European Union Anti-Discrimination Directives

The reliance on algorithms for making important decisions instead of humans is widespread, but the expectation for automated decisions to be unbiased is not met. Algorithms have inherited discriminatory behavior from humans and now individuals with protected characteristics face systemic discrimination as a result. To address this pressing issue, the current anti-discrimination laws are studied in this project instead of discussing future regulations. The paper begins by introducing algorithms, machine learning, and automated decision-making and then explains the concept of algorithmic bias. The anti-discrimination laws in the European Union are analyzed to determine the applicability of the legislation (2000/43/EC, 2000/78/EC, 2004/113/EC, 2006/54/EC) in combating algorithmic bias. Although the legislation has limited scope in addressing algorithmic bias, the concept of discrimination, particularly indirect discrimination, can be used to address algorithmic bias in employment, the welfare system, and access to goods and services.