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Alessia Gualandris joined the Department as lecturer in 2013.She started her research at the University of Milano Bicocca in Italy, where she obtained her MPhys degree for her theoretical/numerical studies of dynamical encounters in the dense cores of globular clusters. She received her PhD in 2006 from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for her interdisciplinary work between astronomy and computer science, and in particular for the development of software for the simulation of dense stellar systems and her study of the ejection of high velocity stars. In those years, she became one of the few experts in adopting special purpose hardware for the efficient simulation of globular clusters and galactic nuclei.During her postdoctoral studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology (USA), at the Max-Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Garching, Germany and at the University of Leicester, she used state-of-the-art numerical simulations to study the dynamics of the Milky Way centre and other galactic nuclei hosting supermassive black holes. Through international collaborations and software development, she continues to push the limits of numerical methods to study the formation and dynamical evolution of the densest astrophysical systems.

Research interests

  • Dynamics of dense stellar systems: star clusters, galactic nuclei.
  • Computational astrophysics


  • Level 5: Energy and Entropy computational lab
  • Level 6-7: General Relativity computational lab
  • Level 6: Research Techniques in Astronomy

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