Amanda Mather

Research Assistant in Cancer Care



I am a research assistant within the Cancer Care team at the University of Surrey. My background is in psychology and I have an interest in the psychosocial impact of cancer and inequalities in health. In particular I am interested in the mental health benefits that new technology and new psychological interventions may have on cancer patients, their ability to deal with symptoms of chemotherapy and their survival rates. I am also interested in the support offered and coping techniques used within families when a member is diagnosed with cancer, particularly when families are coping with a child or young person diagnosed with cancer. With regards to inequalities I am interested in different social and cultural factors that impact upon health.

Current Projects:

Improving the quality and outcomes of care for patients with breast or colorectal cancer receiving adjuvant chemotherapy: The Advanced Symptom Management System (Research Assistant) Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust 2013-2014

The ASyMS III study. Macmillan Cancer Support. (Research Assistant) 2013-2014

Research interests

• Psychosocial Interventions• Ehealth and Impact of Technological Interventions• Patient Reported Outcomes• Cancer in Children and Young People• Coping Techniques in Families and Cares.• Qualitative Methods• Quantitative Methods• Mixed methods