Camilla Nobili

Dr Camilla Nobili

Lecturer in Mathematics
+44 (0)1483 682917
04 AA 04
Thursday 11-12am or arranged by email

Academic and research departments

School of Mathematics and Physics.



Research interests


Postgraduate research supervision



Felix Otto, Steffen Pottel and Camilla Nobili (2017) Rigorous bounds on scaling laws in fluid dynamics
Antoine Choffrut, Camilla Nobili and Felix Otto (2016) Upper bounds on Nusselt number at finite Prandtl number
Camilla Nobili (2015) Turbulent convection: bounds on the Nusselt number.
Gianluca Crippa, Camilla Nobili, Christian Seis and Stefano Spirito (2017) Eulerian and Lagrangian solutions to the continuity and Euler equations with L^1 vorticity.
Charles Doering and Camilla Nobili (2017) Lectures on stirring, mixing and transport.
Peter Constantin, Laura Gioia Keller and Camilla Nobili (2017) Existence, uniqueness, regularity and long time behavior of hydrodynamic evolution equations
Yuanyuan Feng, Anna L.Mazzucato and Camilla Nobili (2023) Enhanced dissipation by circularly symmetric and parallel pipe flows
Fabian Bleitner and Camilla Nobili (2023) Lower Bounds for the Advection-Hyperdiffusion Equation