Dr Christina Silver

Research Fellow
PhD. MSc. BA (hons)


Areas of specialism

Qualitative methodology; Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis

University roles and responsibilities

  • Manager of the CAQDAS Networking Project


Research interests

Research projects

My publications


Co-author of the Five-Level QDA(R) method - a CAQDAS pedagogy


Christina Silver & Jennifer Patashnick (2011) 'Finding Fidelity : Advancing Audiovisual Analysis using Software', FQS 12(1), Thematic Issue: Is Qualitative Software Really Comparable?

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Hosie, A. & Silver C (2001) Overcoming the first hurdle: Young People and access to sexualhealth services in Scotland, England, Finland and the Netherlands. Working Paperpresented at the European Population Conference, Helsinki, 2001(www.vaestoliitto.fi/toimintayksikot/vaestontukimuslaitos/eapkonferenssi…)

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