Christine Corlet Walker

PhD Researcher
MA Natural Sciences; MSc Ecological Economics

Academic and research departments

Centre for Environment and Sustainability.


Research interests

My publications


Corlet Walker, C. (2019). Review: In Defense of Degrowth: Opinions and Manifestos, by Giorgos Kallis, edited by Aaron Vansintjan, Uneven Earth Press, 2018. Ecological Economics, 156, pp. 431-432.
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Corlet Walker, C., and Jackson, T. (2019). Measuring Prosperity: Navigating the Options. CUSP Working Paper Series | No 20.
Corlet Walker, C., Druckman, A. & Cattaneo, C. (2020). Understanding the (non-)Use of Societal Wellbeing Indicators in National Policy Development: What Can We Learn from Civil Servants? A UK Case Study. Social Indicators Research (2020).
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