Christine Hine

Dr Christine Hine

Reader in Sociology


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  • Chair, University Ethics Committee

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Phone: +44 (0)1483 684380 / 688914 / 684378
Out-of-hours: +44 (0)7773 479911
Senate House, University of Surrey
Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XH


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My publications


BooksHine, C. (2008) Systematics as Cyberscience: Computers, Change and Continuity in Science. MIT Press.Hine, C. (ed) (2006) New Infrastructures for Knowledge Production: Understanding E-Science, Idea Group Inc.Hine, C. (ed) (2005) Virtual Methods: Issues in Social Research on the Internet. Berg.

Hine, C. (2000) Virtual Ethnography Sage.

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Selected Conference PapersHine, C. (2005) The politics and practice of accessiblity in systematics.Paper prepared for presentation at Past, Present and Future of Research in the Information Society, 13-15 November 2005, Tunis, Tunisia. An official side event preceding Phase II of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).Hine, C. (2003) Systematics as cyberscience: the role of ICTs in the working practices of taxonomy. Paper presented at the Oxford Internet Institute "Information, Communication and Society" symposium, 17-20 September 2003, University of Oxford, UK.Hine, C. (1998) Virtual ethnography. Conference Proceedings of Internet Research and Information for Social Scientists, 25-27 March 1998, Bristol, UK