Cristina Fernández Recasens

Dr Cristina Fernández Recasens


Academic and research departments

School of Literature and Languages.


The focus on the body is a central principle of my research, identified by feminist theorists as being at the centre of the path towards social and individual change. I am particularly interested in the body and its significance in academic settings, its potentiality as a source of knowledge and its capacity to be a recipient of individual and collective memory.

In my PhD, I proposed the incorporation of body movement and related methodologies for the teaching of literature. My practice-based research analysed the results of a series of interdisciplinary poetry workshops that took place mainly in Catalan public academic institutions. Based on the conclusions of the analysis of these workshops, my PhD demonstrates the need for a renewal in the field of humanities education.

I also have an interest in Catalan history and I have coordinated several research projects related with oral history, funded by the Catalan government. The first project (2006-2009) consisted in a series of interviews to survivors of the repression of the Franco dictatorship. The second (2010-2020), collected memories from workers and unionists from the textile factory SAFA in Blanes (Catalonia) specially dedicated to cover the 1970s strike that was organized clandestinely under the Francoist regime. Both projects culminated in the presentation of documentaries: Davant del mar (2009) and Benvingut, camarada (2020) and interviews to the testimonies can be consulted online in the public Catalan “Banc Audiovisual de testimonis” the biggest archive of oral history in Europe. In 2022, I was awarded a new scholarship dedicated to the collection of local women’s knowledge about fishing and fish gastronomy. You can hear more about this project in this Heritage Radio Network’s podcast. More recently, I have been part of the collective of activists authoring Guia gramatical de llenguatge no-binari, a guide of Catalan non binary language.

I have undertaken further research in the field of Cultural and Gender Studies and I have disseminated my work at a number of conferences and symposia including the Colloquium of the North-American Catalan Society, the Anglo-Catalan Society Annual Conference and the BIBAC Education Conference in the University of Cambridge. Further, I contribute to GREPAI Research Group in the University of Girona and to LiCETC Research Group at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) and I am also a collaborator on a University of Birmingham funded project titled ‘Consent on Campus’ which explores the issue of consent from an intersectional, student-led perspective.



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Book chapters

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In preparation:

Fernández Recasens, C. “He is never going to speak seriously, Laura, it is impossible.” Feminine care work and masculinities in crisis in Cesc Gay’s A Gun in each hand (2012), Truman (2015) and The people upstairs.

Fernández Recasens, C. (2024) Valors pegagògics del gènere poètic. (Articles, accepted)