Dawn Marley

Dr Dawn Marley

Principal Teaching Fellow in French
+44 (0)1483 682823
04 LC 03



Dawn studied at the University of Nottingham, obtaining a first degree in French and Spanish, and a PhD in French Sociolinguistics. She has been at Surrey since 1994, and has taught and supervised on many aspects of French studies. Dawn is GGA Exams office for the School of Literature and Languages, as well as Modern Languages Programme Leader for UG Language programmes, and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Research interests

  • French in the Maghreb: use of and attitudes towards French, impact of French culture; language planning.
  • Moroccan women's magazines.
  • Identity issues for the Maghrebian community in France.
  • Sociolinguistic issues in France: language and cultural identity, regional languages


Dawn is currently teaching French to English translation at all UG levels; Contemporary France I; Language and Literature in Education; French Sociolinguistics; she supervises UG dissertations on translation, sociolinguistics and social and cultural issues.

Departmental duties

GGA Exams Officer

Modern Languages programme leader

Programme Director for Languages and Translation, joint language programmes


  • Member of Association for French Language Studies
  • Member of Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France
  • Member of AILA Research Network on Applied Linguistics and Literacy in Africa and the Diaspora


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