Dimitris Giraleas

Dr Dimitris Giraleas

Senior Lecturer In Business Analytics
BSc, MSc, PhD
+44 (0)1483 686380
47 MS 02

Academic and research departments

Department of Business Analytics and Operations.


Areas of specialism

Efficiency and Productivity analysis (multi-dimensional performance assessments); Business analytics and Applied statistics/econometrics ; Regulatory Economics; Soft Systems Methodology (Soft OR and Consulting)

University roles and responsibilities

  • Programme director of Business Management with Business Analytics BSc

    Previous roles

    2002 - 2013
    Economics Analyst/Consultant/Senior Consultant
    Oxera Consulting and Freelance
    2013 - 2022
    Lecturer in Business Statistics and Programme Director of the BSc in Business Analytics
    Aston Business School

    Business, industry and community links

    Academic Associate for Oxera Consulting
    Recent projects:

    - Yorkshire Water for a Competition and Markets Authority case (2021) – England and Wales Water and Sewerage Service Economic Regulation, topics: Frontier shift/Productivity indices
    - Scottish Southern Energy (2020, Transmission) – Energy transmission regulation, topics: Frontier shift/Productivity indices
    - Vlaamse Regulator van de Elektriciteits- en Gasmarkt, VREG (2019) – Flemish gas and electricity distribution Regulation, topics: Frontier shift/Productivity indices
    - South East Water (2018)– England and Wales Water and Sewerage Service Economic Regulation, topics: Frontier shift/Productivity indices/Efficiency assessment
    - German Association of Energy and Water Industries (2016 - 2018) - German Energy Transmission Regulation, topics: Frontier shift/Productivity indices
    - The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets. (2015 - 2017) - Dutch Energy Transmission Regulation, topics: Frontier shift/Productivity indices, Price forecasting
    - Netze BW GmbH (2016) - German Energy Distribution Regulation, topics: Frontier shift/Productivity indices, Regulatory theory and practice
    - Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water. (2014 - 2015) – England and Wales Water and Sewerage Service Economic Regulation, topics: Econometric estimation
    - Electricity North West. (2014) - England and Wales Electricity Distribution Economic Regulation, topics: Frontier shift/Productivity indices
    Previous Consultancy experience
    Some examples:

    - demand and revenue forecasting for rail franchises,
    - evidence on the impacts of mergers in the competition of the market for energy and water services in the UK,
    - supply and demand forecasting for landfill services in the UK,
    - estimating the value of time of train crowding with respect to business commuters in the UK (for High-speed rail)
    - make-or-buy analysis for transport services for a waste management company in Belgium
    - the effects of an ageing population on the States of Jersey’s fiscal policies
    - valuation and costing of water for agricultural/irrigation purposes in the river basin of Strymonas, Greece



    •            Giraleas, D. (2019). Can we assess teaching quality on the basis of student outcomes? A stochastic frontier application. Studies in Higher Education. https://doi.org/10.1080/03075079.2019.1679762

    •            Giraleas D, Emrouznejad A, Thanassoulis E. ‘Productivity change using growth accounting and frontier-based approaches Evidence from a Monte Carlo analysis’, European Journal of Operational Research, 222:3, November 2012, 673–83

    •            Papagiannaki, E., Giraleas, D. & Thanassoulis, E., Unpaid Overtime: Measuring its Contribution to the UK Industries’ Output, CAFÉ Working Papers; no. 13, May 2021

    •            Giraleas D, Emrouznejad A, Thanassoulis E. ‘A framework for selecting between different approaches for measuring productivity change’. Available as a working paper at: http://mpra.ub.uni-muenchen.de/37965/

    •            Giraleas D, ‘Productivity growth in the EU: Comparisons between growth accounting and frontier-based approaches’, EWEPA 2009.



    REF 2021 Impact case study (co-authored with Prof. Thanassoulis): ‘Impacting regulatory methodology and revenues for gas and electricity transmission in Germany and the Netherlands’. Summary of the impact:

    Research and advice by Dr Giraleas  and Prof. Thanassoulis on productivity change was used in the determination of revenue of all German and Dutch energy transmission and distribution companies over regulatory cycles spanning 2017-2023. Dr. Giraleas devised and calculated the productivity indices that were used to compute and subsequently defend on behalf of the Dutch regulator the annual productivity gains element in its determinations. Dr Giraleas and Prof. Thanassoulis separately advised on the methodology and the implementation of the productivity change elements in the German energy market and Prof. Thanassoulis provided further scientific advice on productivity change measurement to Regional Court, where the German regulator was challenged.  The underlying research and advice impacted a combined population of over 100m and regulated turnover of over 11.5bn p.a.  

    Link: https://results2021.ref.ac.uk/impact/cd2fd740-401a-4653-aaf7-104d4f9f6890/pdf