Dr Duo Zhang

Research Fellow
+44 (0)1483 689475
36 BC 02

Academic and research departments

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.



Obtained PhD at University of Liverpool in 2015


1. Duo Zhang, K. Papadikis, Sai Gu, Investigations on the Droplet Impact onto a Spherical Surface with a High Density Ratio Multi-Relaxation Time Lattice-Boltzmann Model, Commun.Comput.Phys, 16(2014)892-912. 2. Duo Zhang, K. Papadikis, Sai Gu, Three-dimensional multi-relaxatioin time lattice-Boltzmann model for the drop impact on a dry surface at large density ratio, International Journal of Multiphase Flow 64 (2014) 11-18. 3. Duo Zhang, K. Papadikis, Sai Gu, Application of a high density ratio lattice-Boltzmann model for the droplet impingement on flat and spherical surfaces, International Journal of Thermal Sciences 84 (2014) 75-85. 4. Duo Zhang, K. Papadikis, Sai Gu, A lattice Boltzmann study on the impact of the geometrical properties of porous media on the steady state relative permeabilities on two-phase immiscible flows, Advance in Water Resources 000(2016) 1-19.