Ethan Taylor

Postgraduate Research Student



Matthew D. A Orkney, Ethan Taylor, Justin I Read, Martin P Rey, Andrew Pontzen, Oscar Agertz, Stacy Y Kim, Maxime Delorme EDGE: The shape of dark matter haloes in the faintest galaxies

Purely collisionless Dark Matter Only (DMO) structure formation simulations predict that Dark Matter (DM) haloes are typically prolate in their centres and spheroidal towards their outskirts. The addition of gas cooling transforms the central DM shape to be rounder and more oblate. It is not clear, however, whether such shape transformations occur in `ultra-faint' dwarfs, which have extremely low baryon fractions. We present the first study of the shape and velocity anisotropy of ultra-faint dwarf galaxies that have gas mass fractions of $f_{\rm gas}(r