Francesco Clampa

Dr Francesco Ciampa

Lecturer in Composite Materials and Smart Structures
+44 (0)1483 688903
11A AB 02

Academic and research departments

Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences.


My publications



  1. ANDREADES, C., MAHMOODI, P., CIAMPA, F. Characterisation of Smart CFRP Composites with Embedded PZT Transducers for Nonlinear Ultrasonic Applications. Composite Structures 206, 456-466, 2018. IF: 4.10. 
  2. DYRWAL, A., MEO, M., CIAMPA, F. Nonlinear Air-Coupled Thermosonics for Fatigue Micro-Damage Detection and Localisation. NDT & E International 97, 59-67, 2018. IF: 2.78. 
  3. CIAMPA, F., MANKAR, A., MARINI, A. Phononic Crystal Waveguide Transducers for Nonlinear Elastic Wave Sensing. Scientific Reports 7(1), 14712, 2017. IF: 4.12. 
  4. CIAMPA, F., SCARSELLI, G., PICKERING, S., MEO, M. Nonlinear elastic wave tomography for the imaging of corrosion damage. Ultrasonics 62, 147-155, 2015. IF: 2.37. 
  5. CIAMPA, F., MEO, M. Impact detection in anisotropic materials using a time reversal approach. Structural Health Monitoring 11 (1), pp. 43-49, 2012. IF: 3.79.