Professor Graham Parker

Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering
+44 (0)1483 689283
10 AA 03

Academic and research departments

School of Mechanical Engineering Sciences.


N Laghari, A Sorniotti, GA Parker (2010)Comparative linear analysis of alternative layouts of heavy goods vehicles, In: SAE International Journal of Commercial Vehicles2(2)pp. 85-100

This paper presents comparative analyses of steering wheel responses of various layouts for heavy goods vehicles, including rigid and articulated configurations. Newton and Lagrange techniques have been adopted to formulate and verify the generalized linear model for multi-axle rigid and articulated vehicles. The model is then used to simulate, analyze and compare steering angle response of a variety of commercially available vehicles. The study includes the analyses of steady state response and dynamic behavior for different layouts in terms of axle positions, number of axles and multiple steered axles.

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