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Jason Forshaw

Research Fellow II
+44 (0)1483 686307
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Jason L. Forshaw graduated faculty valedictorian with an MEng (Hons) in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Sheffield (UK) in 2008 (visiting student at Virginia Tech (US) in 2007), obtained an MS in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University (US) in 2010 and a PhD in Electronics Engineering at the Surrey Space Centre (UK) in 2013. From an industrial perspective, his employment includes Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems and QinetiQ where he was the principal lead research engineer for the QinetiQ Eye-On (TM) UAV, an advanced twin-rotor VTOL tailsitter. His EPSRC CASE funded PhD focused on development of a flight control system for tailsitters and specifically on the transitions between vertical (helicopter) and horizontal (fixed-wing aircraft) flight, involving 6-DoF simulation and optimisation, hardware / software design and the execution of a flight campaign.

In the years after completing his PhD, he has had several R&D management roles: (i) was consortium project manager for the EU FP7 SpacePlan 2020 project (€0.7M) providing road-mapping and technology strategy guidance to EC, (ii) was project manager for Intrepid, a spherical air-bearing satellite testbed custom designed and installed for Airbus Friedrichshafen (AOCS & GNC group) and DLR, and (iii) provided tether dynamics & GNC modelling support to the service-oriented Active Debris Removal (SOADR) project for SSTL, an ESA phase-0 study into deorbiting Envisat.

Currently as a Research Fellow II at the Surrey Space Centre, he provides project management, dissemination and bid support to a range of space research programmes. He has had various management roles for the EU FP7 RemoveDEBRIS (€11.3M), targeting to be the world's first mission to demonstrate netting, harpooning and drag sail active debris removal technologies in space. The project involves over 60 staff across 9 partners, including SSTL, Airbus Toulouse, Airbus Les Mureaux, Airbus Bremen, Airbus Stevenage, Innovative Solutions in Space - ISIS. More recently, he was the lead exhibitor for the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition: “Cleaning up space junk”, coordinating and training 32 exhibitors for the prestigious public engagement event, which resulted in articles in every major UK newspaper and globally over radio.

Dr Forshaw is a member of the IET, IEEE, a senior member of the AIAA, and is both an APMP certified project management associate, and a chartered engineer (CEng) with the IET. He has a wide range of awards, scholarships and fellowships from both universities and professional institutions including an IET Undergraduate Scholarship, the Sir Basil Blackwell Award, the Sir Frederick Mappin Medal, and a Stanford Fellowship.

Research interests

Dr Forshaw's research interests and publications mainly focus on the applications of multi-rotor unmanned systems (quadrotors, tailsitters) and small satellites from both simulation and experimental perspectives. His main interests include: modelling and simulation, optimal control, predictive control, self-tuning control, inertial actuation, autopilot design, testbed and laboratory design, motion capture systems, debris removal.