Jenny Suno Wu

Jenny Suno Wu

Postgraduate Research Student

Academic and research departments

School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.


My research project


Jenny Suno Wu, Pete Barbrook-Johnson, Xavier Font (2021)Participatory complexity in tourism policy: Understanding sustainability programmes with participatory systems mapping, In: Annals of Tourism Research90103269 Elsevier

Linear logic models are insufficient to understand how interventions work in complex areas such as sustainable tourism. We present Participatory Systems Mapping (PSM), a novel method to develop shared understandings and collective management of complex policy issues among stakeholders. We use PSM with stakeholders in Barcelona to support the design of an upcoming evaluation of an existing sustainability programme. Discussion during workshops, and analysis of the PSM map produced, suggest sharing best practices and improving peer-to-peer learning are pivotal to improving sustainability. We show how a complex systems approach, implemented via PSM, can provide a more holistic understanding of the contexts and interactions of tourism policy. We offer learning and guidance on how the method can be used by others.

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