John F Watts

Professor John F Watts

Professor of Materials Science
PhD, DSc, DUniv(Paris), CEng, FIMMM, FInstP, CPhys, FREng
02 AB 03


Research interests

  • Application of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) to materials science
  • Application of time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (ToF-SIMS) to materials science
  • Cathodic delamination of organic coatings and in adhesive joints
  • Organic coatings for corrosion prevention
  • Adhesive bonding for aerospace and automotive applications
  • Surface modification of polymers
  • Environmentally friendly pretreatments for adhesive bonding
  • High energy XPS
  • Acid-base interactions in adhesion

Professional Activities

  • Editor in Chief, Surface and Interface Analysis (John Wiley & Sons Ltd)
  • International Steering Committee of ECASIA Conference Series
  • Editorial Board: International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives
  • EPSRC College: Structural Materials
  • EPSRC Panel Member and Chairman
  • Organising Committee of SIMS XVI

Honours and Awards

  • Redland Prize (1978)
  • Alcoa Foundation Award (1992)
  • Robert L Patrick Fellowship of The Adhesion Society Inc. (2006)
  • Award for Excellence in Adhesive Science from The Adhesion Society Inc. (2008)
  • British Vacuum Council Senior Prize and John Yarwood Memorial Medal (2008)
  • UK Surface Analysis forum Riviere Prize (2010)
  • DUniv: Docteur Honoris Causa, Universite' Paris Diderot (2011)
  • Le Prix Dédale - division of the societe

Current Research Programmes

  • The interphase chemistry of multi-component polymer to metal adhesion
  • Charge transfer and hybridisation in Al and Mg alloys
  • Interphase chemistry of adhesively bonded galvanised steel
  • Engineering the adhesion of polymer surfaces with organosilanes
  • Adsorption of organosilane molecules on metal surfaces and the relationship to adhesive joint performance
  • Environmentally friendly pretreatment of aluminum for space applications.
  • Nanomaterials for paints and adhesives
  • Reactive hot melt adhesives

My publications


Selected recent publications (full list available on request):

  • K Shimizu, C Phanopoulos, M-L Abel, J F Watts, “The characterisation of the interfacial interaction between polymeric MDI and aluminium: A ToF-SIMS and XPS study” Surf Interf Anal, 42, 1432-1444, (2010).
  • R. Grilli, M A Baker, J E Castle, B Dunn, J F Watts, “Localized corrosion of a 2219 aluminium alloy exposed to a 3.5% NaCl solution”, Corros. Sci. 52, 2855-2866, (2010).
  • J F Watts, “The potential for the application of XPS in forensic science” Surf Interf Anal, 42, 358-462, (2010).
  • J F Watts “Role of corrosion in the failure of adhesive joints” in J A Richardson et al (Eds) Shreir's Corrosion, Volume 3, pp 2463 - 2481, Elsevier Amsterdam, (2010).
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  • N Moslemzadeh, G Beamson, S Diplas, P Taskiropoulos, J F Watts, “Monitoring atomic level electronic charges in the alloying of stainless steels with Auger and photoelelctron spectroscopy” Surf Sci, 602, 216-225, (2008).
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