Joy Schmeer is pursuing a Ph.D. in Aerodynamics and Environmental Flow at the University of Surrey, with a prestigious SCENARIO Studentship. Her doctoral research focuses on pollutant transport, air quality, and the urban environment, involving innovative experimental campaigns in the EnFlo wind tunnel. 

As part of her First-Class Honours BEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Surrey, she published in the Journal of Wind Engineering & Industrial Aerodynamics and gained international research experience during her industrial placement year at the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, in France. Joy Schmeer's accomplishments have been recognised with awards such as the Wind Engineering Society's Young Researcher Prize and the Judges' Choice Award in the Three Minute Thesis competition.


Research interests


F.Chaabat, P.Salizzoni, M.Creyssels, A.Mos, J.Wingrave, H.Correia, M.Marro (2020) Smoke control in tunnel with a transverse ventilation system: An experimental study
F.Chaabat, M.Creyssels, A.Mos, J.Wingrave, H.Correia, M.Marro, P.Salizzoni (2019) The effects of solid barriers and blocks on the propagation of smoke within longitudinally ventilated tunnels
Joy Schmeer, Paul Hayden, Alan Robins, Prashant Kumar, Marco Placidi (2023) Group riding: Cyclists exposure to road vehicle emissions in urban environments