Maria Teresa Esposito

Dr Maria Teresa Esposito

Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry

Academic and research departments

Department of Biochemical Sciences, School of Biosciences.


My qualifications

PgCert Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Passed with distinction.

University of East London
PhD Molecular Medicine, European School of Molecular Medicine
University of Napoli Federico II, Napoli (Italy)
BSc +MSc Medical Biotechnologies. First Class.
University of of Napoli Federico II, Napoli (Italy)


Research interests




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  • Esposito MT, Hagstrom-Andersson A, Stam RW, Bortoluzzi S“Harnessing chemotherapy resistance and development of novel therapeutic strategies for acute leukemia with KMT2A (MLL)-gene rearrangements”invited editorial Frontiers in Pharmacology 2022 DOI: 10.3389/fphar.2022.977741
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