Mike Stroud

Visiting Staff

Academic and research departments


Taggart M.P., Charoupa A., Hubbard M.W.J., Jafari S.M., Lohstroh A., Stroud M. (2019) Suitability of a SiPM Photodetector for Implementation in an Automated Thermoluminescent Dosimeter Reader,Radiation Physics and Chemistry161pp. pp 42-47 Elsevier
It is widely known that SiPM photodetectors have a strong temperature dependence. TrueInvivo is currently developing an automated TLD reader with the intention of replacing the PMT with a SiPM, taking advantage of the low power consumption, small form-factor, and low cost the SiPM has to offer. Here we discuss our initial investigations into the suitability of this switch in applied technology, present spectroscopic response as a function of SiPM temperature, and the effectiveness of some options to mitigate this concern. It was found that while the SiPM is indeed affected by variations in temperature a recovery of 50-60% in gain and resolution could be achieved with a rudimentary cooling system.