Dr Nick Werren

PhD Student

Academic and research departments


We develop a non-Markovian extension to the caldeira-leggett master equation for quantum Brownian motion by using the timescale of the bath as a small parameter around which to perform a perturbative expansion. This framework allows us to deal directly with the time non-locality of the non-Markovian regime. We derive an exact description of the evolution of the reduced density matrix and obtain a new quantum master equa- tion with non-Markovian corrections added perturbatively to the standard Lindblad form. The resulting simulations show new dynamics and a strong deviation from Markovian behaviour. We observe that quantum coherences survive far longer than in the Marko- vian limit. In particular, when the system is fully non-Markovian, quantum phenomena experience a form of decoherence that behaves functionally like an inverse-power law. These results may have important implications in quantum technologies and biology as they suggest environments can be engineered to support long-lived quantum coherence.