Olivier NF Cexus

Dr Olivier NF Cexus

Principal Investigator (Res.B) in Immunology & Metabolism
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Section of Immunology, School of Biosciences.


Holly-May Lewis, Priyanka Gupta, Kyle DG Saunders, Shazneil Briones, Johanna Von Gerichten, Paul A Townsend, Eirini Velliou, Dany Beste, Olivier Cexus, Roger Paul Webb, Melanie Jane Bailey (2023)Nanocapillary sampling coupled to liquid chromatography mass spectrometry delivers single cell drug measurement and lipid fingerprints, In: Analyst148(5)pp. 1041-1049 Royal Society of Chemistry

This work describes the development of a new approach to measure drug levels and lipid fingerprints in single living mammalian cells. Nanocapillary sampling is an approach that enables the selection and isolation of single living cells under microscope observation. Here, live single cell nanocapillary sampling is coupled to liquid chromatography for the first time. This allows molecular species to be separated prior to ionisation and improves measurement precision of drug analytes. The efficiency of transferring analytes from the sampling capillary into a vial was optimised in this work. The analysis was carried out using standard flow liquid chromatography coupled to widely available mass spectrometry instrumentation, highlighting opportunities for widespread adoption. The method was applied to 30 living cells, revealing cell-to-cell heterogeneity in the uptake of different antibiotics. Using this system, we detected 14-158 lipid features per single cell, revealing the association between bedaquiline uptake and lipid fingerprints.