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Panagiotis Demis

Postgraduate Research Student

Academic and research departments

Department of Chemical and Process Engineering.

My publications


Kotidis Pavlos, Demis Panagiotis, Goey Cher H., Correa Elisa, McIntosh Calum, Trepekli Stefania, Shah Nilay, Klymenko Oleksiy V., Kontoravdi Cleo (2019) Constrained global sensitivity analysis for bioprocess design space identification, Computers and Chemical Engineering 125 pp. 558-568 Elsevier
The manufacture of protein-based therapeutics presents unique challenges due to limited control over the biotic phase. This typically gives rise to a wide range of protein structures of varying safety and in vivo efficacy. Herein we propose a computational methodology, enabled by the application of constrained Global Sensitivity Analysis, for efficiently exploring the operating range of process inputs in silico and identifying a design space that meets output constraints. The methodology was applied to an antibody- producing Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell culture system: we explored > 80 0 0 feeding strategies to identify a subset of manufacturing conditions that meet constraints on antibody titre and glycan distri- bution as an attribute of product quality. Our computational findings were then verified experimentally, confirming the applicability of this approach to a challenging production system. We envisage that this methodology can significantly expedite bioprocess development and increase operational flexibility.