Peter Brown

Dr Peter Brown

Senior Teaching Fellow
+44 (0)1483 682312
01 VSM 02



Having spent most of his career as a Veterinary Pathologist at the University of Bristol Veterinary School, Peter joined the University of Nottingham in 2006 for six years. In 2014 he returned to part-time work at the Royal Veterinary College providing maternity leave cover. Peter joined the University of Surrey as a Senior Teaching Fellow in September 2014.

Research interests

Peter has a general interest in diagnostic veterinary pathology, including the application of immunohistochemical techniques to disease diagnosis. He has also been keen to develop digital/virtual microscopy for teaching aspects of histology and histopathology.


Peter is the module coordinator for Foundations of Disease One - General Pathology, as well as Foundations of Disease Five - Pathology of the Haemopoietic and Neurological Systems.