Ralph Chadeesingh

Dr Ralph Chadeesingh

Senior Teaching Fellow in Chemical Process Engineering
PhD (Cantab); CEng; MIChemE; CPhys; MInstP; MRSC

Academic and research departments

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.


Atefeh Eslahi, DEORAJ CHADEESINGH, CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH FOREMAN, ESAT ALPAY (2020)3D printers in engineering education, In: Enhancing Student-Centred Teaching in Higher Educationpp. 97-112 Palgrave Macmillan

The use of 3D printers in higher education is becoming increasingly popular, with initiatives being reported in areas such as prototype development, design exploration and component/process visualisation. Diverse and cross-discipline applications in areas such as bio- and medical engineering, food processing and chemical product engineering are also rapidly emerging. The integration of 3D printers into engineering curricula is leading to an interest in pedagogy, and specifically innovative approaches to enhance teaching quality. The chapter provides an evaluation of such 3D printer use with discussion on future potential applications. The methodological approach has involved a literature review of current 3D printer uses in school and higher education contexts, an evaluation of the training requirements to enable wide accessibility of 3D printing, and stakeholder surveys and interviews.