Dr Ramon Rey-Raposo

Research Fellow

Academic and research departments

Astrophysics Research Group.



After my Physics Degree (2002), and having programmed several models in different fields in Astrophysics, I stepped into my second degree in Electrical Engineering to learn how computers are built and to understand how they really work. While I was studying Electrical Engineering I worked for 7 years in two of the best IT companies in Spain. I started as a junior engineer coding for the most rapid train line in Europe, and eventually, I became Project Manager at Madrid Airport, being responsible of more than 25000 parking places, a staff of 25 people, and several modern IT systems. It was during those years, when I realised that although my work was interesting, it was not what I wanted to do with my life.

After more than 7 years without opening a Physics book, I decided to go back to Academia and study a Ph.D. In 2012 under the supervision of Dr. Clare Dobbs. I started my doctorate in the University of Exeter, modelling the star formation process in molecular clouds. Now, in the University of Surrey and as a member of Dr. Oscar Agertz's group, I study the effect of galactic context in the evolution of molecular clouds.

Research interests

  • The physics of giant molecular clouds
  • Star formation
  • Computational astrophysics