Rupert Flindt

Rupert Flindt

Teaching Fellow in Recording Techniques
42 PA 01



J Francombe, T Brookes, R Mason, R Flindt, P Coleman, Q Liu, PJB Jackson (2015)Production and reproduction of programme material for a variety of spatial audio formats, In: Proc. AES 138th Int. Conv. (e-Brief), Warsawpp. 4-4

For subjective experimentation on 3D audio systems, suitable programme material is needed. A large-scale recording session was performed in which four ensembles were recorded with a range of existing microphone techniques (aimed at mono, stereo, 5.0, 9.0, 22.0, ambisonic, and headphone reproduction) and a novel 48-channel circular microphone array. Further material was produced by remixing and augmenting pre-existing multichannel content. To mix and monitor the programme items (which included classical, jazz, pop and experimental music, and excerpts from a sports broadcast and a lm soundtrack), a flexible 3D audio reproduction environment was created. Solutions to the following challenges were found: level calibration for different reproduction formats; bass management; and adaptable signal routing from different software and fille formats.