Steven Kaye

Dr Steven Kaye

Research Fellow
+44 (0)1483 683013
30 AD 02

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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.


My qualifications

DPhil in Linguistics
University of Oxford
MPhil in Linguistics
University of Oxford
BA (Hons) in Classics and Modern Languages
University of Oxford


Research interests

Research projects

My publications


Kaye, Steven (2015). Conjugation class from Latin to Romance: Heteroclisis in diachrony and synchrony. DPhil thesis, University of Oxford.
Kaye, Steven (2013). Morphomic stems in the Northern Talyshi verb: diachrony and synchrony. In: S. Cruschina, M. Maiden, J. C. Smith (eds.) The boundaries of pure morphology: diachronic and synchronic perspectives. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 181-208.
Kaye, Steven (2011). Review of: Mamedov, N. (2006). Talyšsko-russko-azerbaidžanskij slovar’ [Talyshi-Russian-Azerbaijani dictionary]. Anthropological Linguistics 53.1, 89-90.
Kaye, Steven (2019). Online corpus of Northern Talyshi: twelve folk tales from the Talysh region of Azerbaijan, with linguistic glossing and English translation