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Dr Thomas De Boer

Research Fellow

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Department of Physics.

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Jethwa P, Torrealba G, Navarrete C, Carballo-Bello J.A., de Boer Thomas, Erkal Denis, Koposov S.E., Duffau S, Geisler D, Catelan M, Belokurov V (2018) Discovery of a thin stellar stream in the SLAMS survey, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 480 (4) pp. 5342-5351 Oxford University Press
We report the discovery of a thin stellar stream - which we name the Jet stream - cross-
ing the constellations of Hydra and Pyxis. The discovery was made in data from the
SLAMS survey, which comprises deep g and r imaging for a 650 square degree region
above the Galactic disc performed by the CTIO Blanco + DECam. SLAMS photomet-
ric catalogues have been made publicly available. The stream is approximately 0.18
degrees wide and 10 degrees long, though it is truncated by the survey footprint. Its
colour-magnitude diagram is consistent with an old, metal-poor stellar population at
a heliocentric distance of approximately 29 kpc. We corroborate this measurement by
identifying a spatially coincident overdensity of likely blue horizontal branch stars at
the same distance. There is no obvious candidate for a surviving stream progenitor.