Dr Yuheng Du

Postgraduate Research Student

Academic and research departments

School of Mechanical Engineering Sciences.


Yuheng Du, Michael Pekris, Guohong Tian CFD analysis of flank clearance sizes on micro-scale transcritical CO2 scroll expander, In: Applied thermal engineering Elsevier Ltd

The scroll-type expander can be the promising candidate for micro-scale (

Yuheng Du, Guohong Tian, Michael Pekris (2022)A comprehensive review of micro-scale expanders for carbon dioxide related power and refrigeration cycles, In: Applied thermal engineering201(A)117722

In recent decades, the carbon dioxide cycles, including supercritical carbon dioxide cycle, transcritical carbon dioxide Rankine cycle and refrigeration cycle, have been proven effective due to the high efficiency and compact structure, and received increasing interests. The performance of the expander in the power cycles, particularly in micro-scale applications, is one of the essential components that determine the cycle performance and still remains a significant challenge. This paper presents a critical overview of micro-scale (