Personalising your degree at the University of Surrey

We are now able to offer even more opportunity to personalise your degree to fit with your interests and to focus on the skills and knowledge that you would like to develop.

If you are enrolled in the following programmes, at the levels listed, please keep reading!

  • Politics BSc, Level 5
  • International Relations BSc, Level 5
  • Politics and Economics BSc, Level 5
  • Politics and Sociology BSc, Level 5
  • Sociology BSc, Level 5
  • Media and Communication BSc, Level 5
  • BA English Literature (PT/ FT), Level 5 and 6
  • BA English Literature with/ and Creative Writing, Level 5 and 6
  • BA English Literature and French/ Spanish (FT/ PT), Level 5 and 6

Students on these programmes, studying at the levels outlined above, in academic year 2024-2025 will be able to swap one of their normal optional modules and instead take one of our interdisciplinary modules. 

Which interdisciplinary modules can I choose?

In 2024-2025, we will be offering two interdisciplinary modules:

Why choose an interdisciplinary module?  

Interdisciplinary modules enable you to work outside silos, develop intellectual flexibility and offer opportunities for the kind of interdisciplinary team working required to address organisational, national and global problems. These modules will be team-taught by experts from different disciplines across the University, providing a unique insight into how the topics are covered from within a plethora of different disciplines. 

If you have any questions about the modules, please contact your programme leaders to see how your degree can benefit from taking these modules.

How do I choose one of the interdisciplinary modules?

Students studying on the programmes listed above, at the specific level, will be able to choose either of these modules during the module choice period as usual. They will listed on the drop-down list available to you. 

Note that we can only accept a certain number of students on each module so please do make your module choices as soon as you are able. Note also that you will be able to take up to 15 credits of interdisciplinary modules in your programme each year.

If you have any difficulties choosing these modules, please contact