Cavity development for the microwave heating demonstrator payload

Start date

01 November 2020

End date

31 March 2021


As a follow-on of the GEI project, this project will allow the consortium to develop a complete (including design) concept of the microwave heating demonstrator payload. The main objectives of this project are to:

  1. Develop the detailed features and functional integration of the microwave cavity design
  2. Evaluate the cavity design through computational simulation and lab-based experiment using the existing bespoke microwave heating system with specific parameters for the microwave heating demonstrator payload
  3. Devise a realistic concept and analyse the requirement for developing a 1 kW solid-state microwave generator, which can be included in the microwave heating demonstrator payload
  4. Develop a robust microwave heating demonstrator payload concept and exploit the technological advancements from this project to place the UK industry at the forefront of lunar ISRU missions such as ESA’s ISRU demonstrator mission and NASA’s CLPS programme.

Funding amount